Camo Collection - Worker Talon Magazine Custom Skins & Wraps (2-pack)

When the Nerf War’s on, you need something that’ll impress all the other Nerfers - you need your own custom Nerf Skins.
These custom skins and decal upgrades allow you to customize your Nerf Blaster in any way you want!
Simply stick it over your dart bullet clip and turn your Nerf gun into something that you can show off to all your friends. And what’s better is, these stickers will free you from having to disassemble your guns or spray paint over them - stick it on and replace it whenever you want something new.
Within minutes you’ll have your freshly modded gun, ready to take on new challenges, start new wars and have endless fun.

Product Overview

  • 100% Made In the USA!
  • Sleek Camo Designs
  • Package Includes 1 Sticker Wrap
  • Designed To Fit Talon Worker Magazines
  • Bonus Sticker Included!
  • Instruction Sheet Included
  • Ages 10+ recommended for application *Parental Guidance Suggested For Best Results*"