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My kids love the skins so much. They have so many of these and now they don't fight over whose is who anymore. And they are always showing them off to their friends.


My grandson and I had so much fun placing the stickers. They make the gun look very different. You might get little air bubbles on the stickers but if you take a pin and jab, you can smooth the bubbles.

Sandra T.

Works well, good quality material. They used 3m sticker paper. I used the blue camo on blue kronos and it looks good. After you put on stickers you will have to cut or take off to open your blaster. So make any changes before stickers and you are fine. Have taken to two nerf fights and it has held up well, not wearing off.

Ryan Engelstad

These are fun! The stickers are high quality and precisely fit the blaster. It does take about 30 minutes give or take to get all of the stickers on, but the guides make it easy to figure out where each sticker goes. It’s great to add some customization without the mess of paint or marker that wipes off. This could be a great way for siblings to tell which blaster is theirs. Or college kids in the dorms could have a lot of fun of course! Overall, I am very impressed with these Blaster Wrapz and plan to buy a couple more so we have a few fun and unique blasters ready in time for the holidays!

Layna M.

Had zero expectations before buying this, just thought I’d give it a shot since there isn’t anything else like this available for Nerf Guns and it was cheap!
Anyway, after receiving the stickers I found the application to be extremely easy and that the stickers were very high quality and forgiving/flexible/slight stretchy (in case you don’t have steady hands like myself). I also got some good application tips from a video on YouTube I found of someone making a review... YouTube literally has reviews on almost anything.

Highly recommend this to anyone trying to spice up their piece or get as a great gift to someone you know that could use it for theirs!


100% Made In The U.S.A

We take extreme pride in our product and source the highest quality materials to use. We have created a clean, safe, easy to apply way to take your blaster to the next level.

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